Benefits of HypnoBirthing™

More and more people are now realising the many benefits of HypnoBirthing™ , which include among others:

  •           a positive birthing experience, whatever path your birth takes
  •           a calm, gentle birth that you can look forward to, not dread
  •           a birth where you are empowered, knowledgeable and in control
  •           vastly reduced rates of medication use during labour 1   
  •           much shorter  labour 2      
  •           less likelihood of episiotomy
  •           reduced rates of C-section 3      
  •           a wonderful bonding experience for you, your baby and birthing companion
  •           reduced rates of postnatal depression 4
  •           useful techniques for relaxation that can be used for a lifetime, in many different situations

1   23% of HypnoBirthing™  mums used epidural anaesthesia compared to the US national   average of 71%.  See www.hypnobirthing .com.  Also see Harman et al, 1990, who found reduced rates of medication use.

2   Research suggests that mums who use hypnosis have labours around 3 hours shorter.  (Hao et al, 1997;  Jenkins and Pritchard, 1993; Mellegren, 1966.)

3   In USA from 2005-2010 the C-section rate for HypnoBirthing™  mums was 17% compared to the national average of 32%.  See www.hypnobirthing .com

4   McCarthy (1998) found no occurrences of postpartum depression in mums who had had hypnosis sessions, compared to usual rates of 10-15%.  Even mums who had previously suffered postpartum depression did not develop it after a pregnancy during which they had hypnosis sessions.


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